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Module 4 - Practical Training Program

“The best course in town!” - Toronto Life Magazine

Dates: TBA

6 - 9 month part time program on Sundays and evenings 

Dates TBA

Includes course materials and certificate of completion.

The commitment of this program is to provide an excellent education for students wishing to become competent consultants, and also for those wishing to expand their knowledge for their own use. Unique among training programs, it emphasizes supervised on-site consultation practice and mentoring, along with student project submissions, individual attention and personal feedback over a six to nine month period depending on scheduling. The course will include:



This course will include 4 – 5 supervised on-site residential and commercial case study practice consultations. We will continue to work with these “clients” for the duration of the program in order to track their progress and successes. Initially you will observe, then you will work in groups, until with confidence and knowledge gained through experience, you will conduct on-site consultations under the supervision of Malca Narrol.



This course will also include 9 mentor study sessions with Malca. You will receive advanced training in traditional compass school methods, learn how to work with clients, discuss our case studies, review group work and personal cases, receive personal coaching to support your progress and much more.



Study groups will give you the opportunity to practice course materials outside of class and develop a lasting network of support among your peers. Assignments and handouts will guide you through three Feng Shui consultations which you will do on your own or with the support of your group. Group size will depend upon the number of enrolled students.



The teaching component of this course will be held over 8 Sundays or 5 Sundays and 9 evenings. Dates will be scheduled with students’ availability in mind as much as possible. Case Studies will be held at various locations. Car-pooling will be coordinated. Please contact us for dates and more details.


Course contents may vary as students’ needs become apparent

Feel free to contact me for information on the next upcoming class

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