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Module 3 - Flying Stars

“The best course in town!” - Toronto Life Magazine

Flying Star provides a deeper understanding of the various energies in different buildings at different times. It allows us to place people in the best areas for health, wealth and success, while helping us avoid areas that would be likely to cause problems.

Dates: TBA

Two day course (Sundays) 10 am – 6:30 pm with a lunch break.

Includes workbook and certificate of completion.

Prerequisites: Modules 1 & 2

  • The Essential Concepts of Flying Star

  • A Brief History

  • The Magic Square

  • The Five Elements

  • The 9 Stars

  • Timely And Untimely Characteristics of The Stars

  • Three 60 Year Cycles and Nine 20 Year Periods

  • Usable Stars In Different Periods

  • The 24 Mountains

  • Period Charts

  • Nine Star Paths – How to Fly the Stars

  • How To Construct & Apply A Flying Star Chart

  • Mountains & Water

  • The Effects of The Combinations Of Stars

  • Timing

  • Enhancements And Cures

  • Advanced Techniques

  • The Small Tai Qi

  • Door Stars

  • Annual & Monthly Stars

  • The Replacement Stars

  • Ling Shen And Zhao Shen

  • Flying Star Updated

  • Case Studies Using Anonymous Examples from My Files



A clipboard, paper, pens, pencil, ruler, eraser, coloured pens
A simple, inexpensive clear flat type compass.

Course contents may vary as students’ needs become apparent

Contact me for more information about this class

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