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New Builds & Renos

We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us ~ Winston Churchill

Feng Shui is the time tested art of building for success. It is invaluable in the assessment of all proposed building projects.As a professional Feng Shui consultant with 30 years of experience and an architecture degree I help you maximize the potential of all your ventures throughout the design build process.

Services Include

  • Site Selection assessment of your proposed site to ensure it can produce beneficial results.

  • Planning – Identifying the most profitable locations for all aspects of your project.

  • Orientation – Determining the best facing directions for your success.

  • Design – Creating superior design guidelines and recommendations for all buildings and landscaping in coordination with your design team including plans, elevations, placements, colours and materials.

  • Timing – Provide timing guidelines for beginning new construction, renovations, move ins, openings and important events.

Clients Include

Property owners of all kinds, architects and interior designers, builders and developers.



“My business always went quite well, but after Malca Narrol’s consultation my business really took off. She took buildings that were having difficult times and made changes. Then things turned for us.”

~ EP, President, Real Estate Developer and Builder.

“Every space should be designed like this!”

~ Harish Chauhan, B. Eng., B.I.D., Branding & Business Philosophy Strategist

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