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Feng Shui for Business

Strategies for Successful Environments

Your business environment directly and profoundly affects your business results.


  • Increase profits and visibility

  • Strengthen business partnerships and working relationships

  • Improve employee morale and productivity

  • Increase energy, clarity and creativity

  • Improve health and reduce sick time

  • Make spaces more inspiring and meaningful

  • Increase the quantity and quality of your clientele

  • Create an environment conducive to the realization of your goals

Important factors that we will discuss include:

  • The natural and built environment around you

  • The built presence your business presents to the world

  • Your main entrance

  • Your reception area and/or cash area

  • Architectural layout, interior design, colour and lighting

  • Your logo, signage and more


Feng Shui is of benefit to all types of business whether large or small, commercial, corporate, industrial, retail, hospitality etc.

For example corporations, offices and industrial spaces benefit from increased clarity, performance, and revenues, higher operational efficiency, improved departmental harmony and unity, improved communication, decision making, employee morale and health, enhanced customer service and vision.

Retail businesses benefit from increased traffic into your location, ideal flow of customers and positive energy through your store or stores, ideal positioning of the products you want to move most, and increased sales as well as much of the above.

Services Offered:

  • Assessment of your existing location & recommendations to maximize it’s potential

  • Assessment of proposed new locations pre purchase or leasing

  • Selection of the best possible new location

  • Superior design guidelines for your new location

  • Positioning of important offices and areas

  • Best placement of machinery and computer systems

  • Review of the impact of your logos and signage

  • Problem solving for finances, employee/client relations, health, organization and vision for existing locations

  • Timing and design guidelines for renovations, moves and important events

Clients Include:

Office Buildings, Health Care Facilities, Doctors, Dentists, Lawyers, Retail Stores and Showrooms, Restaurants & Food Services, Factories & Industries, Warehouses, Financial Institutions, Educational Institutions, Hotels, Resorts & Spas, Film Studios, Jewellers, Homes, Apartments and Condos.


“The first time I met Malca, I made changes to my office that have contributed to successful results in business. Through Feng Shui, Malca has helped us resolve a lot of architectural problems in the ROOTS retail stores, which definitely contributes to their success. I really believe in Feng Shui. I thoroughly enjoy the spaces I work in, live in and play in, more than ever. Feng Shui definitely makes a difference – it has real relevance in today’s world.”

~ Michael Budman, Co-Founder, ROOTS Canada

“My business always went quite well, but after Malca Narrol’s consultation my business really took off. She took buildings that were having difficult times and made changes. Then things turned for us.”

~ EP, President, Real Estate Developer and Builder

“Every space should be designed like this!”

~ Harish Chauhan, B. Eng., B.I.D., Branding & Business Philosophy Strategist

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