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Building & Property Development

Feng Shui for Building & Property Development

What would it be like to have team of experts who know the secrets of successful building?

Feng Shui is the time tested art of building for success. It is invaluable in the assessment of all proposed building projects. Professional Feng Shui consultants help you to maximize the potential of all your ventures throughout the entire design build process.

Malca Narrol specializes in new building and property development. She is a member of an international team of expert Feng Shui consultants advising on all types and sizes of building and design projects worldwide.

Services Include:

  • Site Selection – pre purchase assessment of your proposed site to ensure that it can produce beneficial results.

  • Site Planning – Identifying the most profitable locations for all aspects of your project including entrances, roads, residential, commercial and retail areas, the sales office and your signage.

  • Orientation – Determining the best facing directions for all buildings in the project based on landforms and timing.

  • Design – Creating superior design guidelines for all buildings and landscaping in coordination with your design team.

  • Timing – Provide timing guidelines for beginning construction, openings and important events.


We work with your goals to help you create:

  • The most profitable land usage

  • Long term Asset Value

  • Improved Decision Making

  • Improved Employee Relations

  • Higher Operational Efficiency

  • Fewer Construction Delays

  • More Traffic to Your Project

  • Easier Sales and Higher Returns

  • A Reputation for Excellence

  • Your customers will appreciate that you have included Feng Shui in your design

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