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Speak To Your Architect About Feng Shui

(from Bella Online)

Guest Author – Diane Kern

So you are planning a building project and you would like to incorporate feng shui in the design. How do you speak with your architect to allow for creative freedom and still utilize the tenants of feng shui? I am speaking with Malca Narrol, a traditional feng shui practioner, teacher, and graduate architect for some tips.

DK: Before we start would you tell the readers a little about your background?

MN: I graduated as an architect from the University Of Toronto in 1985. In my second year of architecture school I became interested in Chinese medicine and natural healthcare. I never thought my two interests would converge. I was introduced to Feng Shui a few years after I graduated. The minute I found it I knew it was for me!

DK: Malca, can you expect most architects to be familiar with feng shui?

MN: Most architects have heard of it. However just like the general public, few architects know the authentic methods of Feng Shui and how it can be used to select the best land, and site the roads, services, and buildings to harness the natural energy of the environment.

DK: Do you even need an architect? Can’t you just take an existing plan and change it around?

MN: Architecture and Feng Shui both take many, many years to master. A good architect is invaluable on a building project. When an architect and a Feng Shui consultant work together in harmony the sum is greater than the parts. Their combined skill sets, ideas and expertise create beautiful, healthy, successful spaces.

DK: So how can an architect help me?

MN: There are many types of architects, and many styles of architecture. Some styles of architecture are much more in harmony with Feng Shui. An architect ideally knows how to design buildings that are beautiful and functional, well suited to their location and climate. He or she also knows how to build the building soundly, what materials are available and how to follow the legal requirements for building in that area.

DK: What do you do if they present an idea that you know goes against feng shui?

MN: This situation happens all the time, and it presents a wonderful opportunity. The architect’s idea and the Feng Shui consultant’s insights can ultimately lead to a whole new and better idea that neither may have imagined before. As with any difference of opinion, communicating with respect creates openness in the listener. Usually the client is in charge and makes the final decision.

DK: Can you get a perfect feng shui building?

MN: In my experience no. However you can get a much, much better building using Feng Shui than without it!

DK: What are the most important things to remember when choosing a site or design?

MN: Can energy get to the site? To the door? To the rooms and to the people in them? Are the shapes of the land, the building, the rooms, and the ceilings, conducive to health, harmony and positive energy flow?

DK: If you are going to build or renovate and want to use an architect and a feng shui consultant how should you proceed?

MN: Begin with your Feng Shui consultant. Use their expertise to find the most beneficial property available, and then set up guidelines for siting the building, designing the basic footprint of the building and to identify the best placement for the doors and important rooms. Then bring this package to the architect (perhaps in a joint meeting with the Feng Shui consultant). The architect will then bring his or her expertise and creativity to what is proposed. The two will then be able to propose and refine various options until a design emerges that is satisfying to all.

DK: Thank you, Malca for a very interesting discussion. If people would like to get in touch with you for further information, to schedule a consultation, or attend your classes, how can they do that?

MN: I can be reached at, or phone 416-899-7814 (Canada). It was great to speak with you too!



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