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Our Vision

Enhancing the energy in our environments is essential for our success and a balanced and vibrant life.


Malca Narrol Feng Shui

Strategies for Successful Environments

Classical Feng Shui in our Modern World

At MalcaNarrol, we believe that every space has the potential to be transformed into a harmonious and balanced environment. Our team of experienced designers take a personalized approach to understanding your unique needs, preferences, and style. We work with you to create a design plan that reflects your personality and enhances the functionality and aesthetics of your space.

Malca Narrol (Bachelor of Architecture, University of Toronto) is a professional Feng Shui consultant based out of Toronto, Canada with over 20 years of experience.  Ms. Narrol offers Feng Shui consultation services to residential and commercial clients and has been featured in The Globe & Mail, Report on Business, The Toronto Star, CBC News, CTV News, Newsworld, and Venture.  She is also a member of an international team offering traditional Feng Shui for large property development projects and corporations worldwide, including master planning, and design guidelines from start to finish.  Ms. Narrol was a founding member of the Feng Shui Association of Canada and offers extensive Feng Shui courses.  Her Module 1 - Feng Shui Essentials Course was voted "The best course in town!" by Toronto Life Magazine.




Residential Feng Shui

Improve your health, wealth, relationships and overall success for the whole family through Feng Shui strategies for existing homes, or benefit from the selection or design of the best new home for you.

Business & Industry Feng Shui

Feng Shui Success Strategies for business maximize your potential whether for your personal office or your entire company including your entrance, layout of departments and main offices, signage and more.

Building & Property Development

Harness the energy of the natural environment to build projects where you and your end user both prosper.  Time tested techniques and modern applications add value and maximize your return on investments.

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